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Dropdowns are a Nightmare

I hate dropdowns. They’re largely unwieldy and rarely better suited than an input field assisted with some sort of text suggestion plugin like Lea Verou’s amazing Awesomplete. Click through to see what happens when a dropdown runs amok on a shopping site.

Learning New Tools

Up until very recently, I’ve been building websites using manual methods, or at the very least, using tools that locked me into a single developer’s update schedule. This worked well at first, but I’ve been gradually learning to expand my horizons, and Yeoman is just the beginning.

Starting Over, Yet Again.

So hey, looks like I made another version of my website. I could have rebuilt the existing site, but there's something to be said for making a new website using more current technologies.

Medium Posts

When Your Economic Anxiety is Actually Human Apathy

Almost immediately after the Republicans came into power, they began preparing for a repeal of the ACA. As a queer man living with HIV, this unnerved and worried me. I wrote this in response to their initial rebuking of pre-existing condition protections, and it served as my “debutante ball” moment where I came out as an HIV+ individual publicly across all media platforms.