Some­times I write things on here. Some­times I write on Medi­um. I col­lect them all here.

Drop­downs are a Nightmare

I hate drop­downs. They’re large­ly unwieldy and rarely bet­ter suit­ed than an input field assist­ed with some sort of text sug­ges­tion plu­g­in like Lea Ver­ous amaz­ing Awe­som­plete. Click through to see what hap­pens when a drop­down runs amok on a shop­ping site.

Learn­ing New Tools

Up until very recent­ly, I’ve been build­ing web­sites using man­u­al meth­ods, or at the very least, using tools that locked me into a sin­gle developer’s update sched­ule. This worked well at first, but I’ve been grad­u­al­ly learn­ing to expand my hori­zons, and Yeo­man is just the beginning.

Start­ing Over, Yet Again.

So hey, looks like I made anoth­er ver­sion of my web­site. I could have rebuilt the exist­ing site, but there’s some­thing to be said for mak­ing a new web­site using more cur­rent technologies.

Medium Posts

When Your Eco­nom­ic Anx­i­ety is Actu­al­ly Human Apathy

Almost imme­di­ate­ly after the Repub­li­cans came into pow­er, they began prepar­ing for a repeal of the ACA. As a queer man liv­ing with HIV, this unnerved and wor­ried me. I wrote this in response to their ini­tial rebuk­ing of pre-exist­ing con­di­tion pro­tec­tions, and it served as my débu­tante ball” moment where I came out as an HIV+ indi­vid­ual pub­licly across all media platforms.