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Hi there! I’m Christopher. I like making awesome things. I’m a web designer in San Francisco with a specialization in front end development using the ExpressionEngine® and Craft content management systems. I love technology, learning and have an unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who.

I got into this industry about 12 years ago in order to help my mother’s flower and design shop, where I quickly learned I have a passion for all things code and semantic. After that, I enrolled in the Art Institute of Houston to get my degree in Multimedia and Web Design.

Since graduating I have worked for a wide array of companies, ranging from small mom n’ pop retailers to marketing for national companies, always providing solutions based on any number of problem sets.

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Currently Reading

Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS
by Jonathan Snook
Mobile First
by Luke Wroblewski
Just Enough Research
by Erika Hall

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Christopher’s a kickass guy in San Francisco. He loves design, ExpressionEngine®, Craft, semantics, photography, cute things, & gaming, but not always at the same time.