Starting Over, Yet Again.

So hey, looks like I made another version of my website. I could have rebuilt the existing site, but there’s something to be said for making a new website using more current technologies.

So after spending a lot of time resting on my laurels, I finally realized it’s time for me to get my website back up and running. As such, I’ve gone ahead and redesigned the whole damn thing and ripped out the old content. I figure this is a better way to start, as each time I get this urge, I end up wanting to refactor all the code anyway.

Past Attempts

My past two websites have been built with the Craft CMS, but neither of them were used to do more than run a small blog. I’m trying to change that with this build. My goal is to start blogging about topics that directly affect me as a developer and as a queer man living in San Francisco. This means while I’ll obviously be focusing on front-end technology trends, as well as UX, I want to post about things like LGBTQ issues, video games and other topics. The goal isn’t to be an authority on any of these issues, but rather present a more holistic view of who I am as a person.

Oh yeah, I’ll also include my portfolio finally. I’d love if this redesign helped me bring in new and interesting clients and projects!