Starting Over, Yet Again.

Start­ing Over, Yet Again.

Posted on: May 06, 2016

So after spend­ing a lot of time rest­ing on my lau­rels, I final­ly real­ized it’s time for me to get my web­site back up and run­ning. As such, I’ve gone ahead and redesigned the whole damn thing and ripped out the old con­tent. I fig­ure this is a bet­ter way to start, as each time I get this urge, I end up want­i­ng to refac­tor all the code anyway.

Past Attempts

My past two web­sites have been built with the Craft CMS, but nei­ther of them were used to do more than run a small blog. I’m try­ing to change that with this build. My goal is to start blog­ging about top­ics that direct­ly affect me as a devel­op­er and as a queer man liv­ing in San Fran­cis­co. This means while I’ll obvi­ous­ly be focus­ing on front-end tech­nol­o­gy trends, as well as UX, I want to post about things like LGBTQ issues, video games and oth­er top­ics. The goal isn’t to be an author­i­ty on any of these issues, but rather present a more holis­tic view of who I am as a person.